should i make another ep?

2015-01-07 05:43:10 by shokomomi

should i make another ep?
i mean you guys mostly don't like it and it's an hassel now because of school work and everything so should i make another ep?

Red Wolf ep.9 is out!!!!!

2014-11-17 12:40:29 by shokomomi

so the new episode is out it is 260 frames long the other were 45 fram long so compere hehe


2014-09-26 06:59:18 by shokomomi

the next chapter is almost done after that i plan two maybe three more chapters and then three side stories so wait a little bit longer ....



to those who are interested i can make chapters go out every week but no drawing with plain characters 



somthing like that if you support it tell me and ill decide 

The next Red Wolf ep

2014-06-20 15:16:38 by shokomomi

hello just wanted to say

next ep will be way longer then others and it will take more timeso yayyy

Red Wolf is not a game!

2014-03-26 16:02:17 by shokomomi

hello im shokomomi as you know i created my "game" Red Wolf its true this is not a game its a visual novel it is not supposed to have any gaimish points i have putted it here because i wanted to share it with you all if you don't like it because its not the game you wanted please do not blame me because i didn't intended it to be a game so basically i'm sorry this is just a clickable story.


~thank you to all those who read it and understood its a VN ♥~